B2B Marketplace Platform – Best Solution For Increased Sale

Think about how often your sales representatives visit each store for a month. Now think about how often your customers send orders on different dates. When your main channel is field sales, orders are related to the frequency with which sales representatives visit the stores. Of course, there are other ways to generate a remote order, such as via e-mail, for example, but it is not the most efficient way, nor does it provide an excellent shopping experience. This sales model ends up “locking” the cash flow and delaying the issuance of orders. What is the best solution to stay continuously connected with customers and without accumulating claims at your base? The best solution is B2B Marketplace.

B2B Marketplace Solutions

Anyone who does not have B2B e-commerce gets a huge amount of requests via e-mail or spreadsheet, accumulating orders and delaying transactions. However, the technology for B2B e-commerce changes all that, since it allows to go placing the orders in fewer, improving the management of cash flow.

By giving retailers access to orders 24 hours a day and seven days a week, what used to be considered “downtime” becomes a time for new orders. Instead of waiting to make a call to your customer service team, retailers can go to your store at any time of day and find what they need.

B2B portal is so effective that it is allowing manufacturers and distributors to make their e-commerce available on the screen of their customers’ smartphones so that a retailer can place an order without any problem.

B2B Marketplace solutions increase order frequency

Distributors and suppliers are seeing the first results of deploying a B2B e-commerce platform. Here’s how they reached one of them: Free Business Offers increase the order frequency:

  1. Making the shopping experience easier and more convenient. With a virtual store, customers will order more often and with the same ease as a B2C e-commerce.
  2. Allowing retailers to place orders on the smartphone. By giving customers the option of ordering via mobile device, they can order products anytime, anywhere. And especially: the moment you see an empty shelf.
  3. Activating a better marketing strategy. With an online sales platform, the options for creating digital marketing strategies are numerous. An example is the email campaign to drive customer traffic to your site more often.

Impact of a B2B e-commerce solution

By adopting a B2B e-commerce platform, your company will generate:

  • More sales
  • Increased cash flow, with less money tied to inventory costs
  • Faster order processing with integration between B2B e-commerce platforms and ERP systems;
  • A more strategic role for sales representatives, who can focus more on strategic conversations with customers.

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