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The cleaning garage is something that, for obvious reasons, is necessary and requires special periodic maintenance for the total eradication of dirt. For this, GFC Unlimited Pressure Washing Dayton Ohio uses specific industrial machines that help to obtain a perfect finish. As there are Eco-Friendly cleanings, there must be a maintenance of the garage depending on the type of surface. Each garage had its way of being cleaned and maintained because not all floors are the same nor in all garages enter and leave the same number Of cars or transits the same number of people.

Types Of Maintenance Of Garages

For the maintenance of a garage, normally a planning that consists of integrated cleanings programmed in time with a more or less large space between these depending on, as previously said, the floor of the garage and the transit of this one. Cleaning and maintenance of a garage are usually done:

  • Weekly
  • Five years
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly basis
  • Semiannually
  • Annually

Factors To Be Taken Into Account To Clean Garage

If it is the most important factor to clean a garage then there are other factors that will determine the cleaning and maintenance of this. These are:

Ramps and accesses: The structure and distribution of ramps and accesses will determine the way of cleaning, and may be swept, scrubbed or mechanically scrubbed depending on the surface. Also, an important factor will be the traffic frequency, especially in the pedestrian accesses, but also of cars by the sweep of the access ramps.

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Garage Toilets: The number of toilets in the car park and the care you want to give them will influence the frequency of cleaning, products and work to be done.

Wastebaskets: The number of litter bins, sandboxes and transit will determine the frequency of replacement of bags for proper maintenance. This will greatly influence daily maintenance by cleaning paper, butts, etc.

Stairs and lifts: The cleaning of stairs and elevators is very important since it is one of the areas where more dirt accumulates because they are in obligatory transit.

General furniture: All furniture is liable to become dirty and accumulate dirt. Fire extinguishers, fire extinguishers, barriers, signs, etc.

Sinks and automatic doors: Important to be a zone of great accumulation of dirt and access to the garage.

High Zones: Light pipes, pipes, cobwebs, switches, points of light, etc.

How To Clean Garages?

GFC Unlimited Pressure washing Dayton Ohio for cleaning garages (both solid and dust), we usually use industrial scrubbing machines and sweeping machines. In this way, we will first remove grease stains that may exist, always taking into account the surface to be treated, and then all dust and other debris that may exist.

Garage Cleaning Machines

Depending on the type of soil and management, we can differentiate:

  • Cleaning of the garage using mechanical scrubbers: Its sweeping is produced by the push of the cleaning worker. They are about 50 cm wide in the sweep, and are advisable only for small areas.
  • Garage cleaning using manual scrubbers, with the operator on foot: these are sweepers with electric or gasoline engine, of medium size, with sweeping widths between 60 cm and 1 meter. They offer the possibility of scrubbing the floor (sweeper-scrubber).
  • Garage cleaning using scrubbers with driver: machines with driver, operated by batteries, petrol or diesel engines. They are used for large surfaces, even for continuous scrubbing, and have a sweep width of 1 meter and 1.5 meters.

Cleaning of garages and outdoor car parks using road scrubbers:

Continuous professional cleaning on public roads and in outdoor areas intended for commercial or industrial use; these are industrial vehicles authorized to circulate on public roads, with a system of scoring and aspiration. In most cases, they use a diesel engine, with hydraulic transmission, and water spray system to sweep brushes. These machines are not at all cheap because users of a garage are forced from time to time to go to garage cleaning companies to remove dirt from this.

Characteristics of the machinery used in the cleaning service of garages

  • Professional Vacuum Cleaners

Professional vacuum cleaners are much more powerful, effective and versatile machines than the familiar vacuum cleaners. In addition to a greater capacity of suction and greater deposit, they offer the capacity to suck both solids and liquids, their filters are washable, their work capacity is much superior, and their power and suction capacity reaches up to 60 litres/second.

  • Vacuum Cleaners

More and more manufacturers offer industrial and professional cleaning companies more efficient machinery and equipment, unifying tasks. An example is machined with the capacity to perform more than one task in a single pass and with only one operator: For example, Sweepers-Vacuum-Scrubbers all in one machine, in such a way that performs a pre-sweep operation of the Surface of the garage, vacuuming and scrubbing and subsequent drying of the garage floor.

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