How To Attract Mobile Users To Your App?

Creative Ways To Promote Your App

After developing your app, the next obvious step is to sell it your creation to the thousands if not millions of users. Keep reading about How to attract mobile users to your app? There, are, in fact, many people who have left their jobs and to earn a nice passive income check and become full-time app developers. These goals are realistic. However, the competition and the number of apps on at the App Store has dramatically increased.  In order to succeed, you need to have some unique quality and marketing “angle” to have your app stand out in this swarm of iPhone and Android apps.

How to attract mobile users to your app?

As a frame of reference, there are more than 250,000 book titles in the book category alone where many established and first time authors, compete to achieve riches and recognition by getting listed on the App Store homepage. Regarding the marketing selling of apps there are really two venues to consider (1) Offering a “free” app and the second is (2) Offering a paid or fully functional app.

If you are new to the app development field, you most probably want to offer your app “free’. “free”?


How can I make money by giving my app away free?

How to attract mobile users to your app? Simple…If your app can find its market…the advertisers who can benefit from your “market appeal” will find you…and pay you (and the App Store) for the privilege to place their ads with your app, This revenue model is similar to the highly profitable Google AdSense model where Google places relevant ads on web pages that it lists on it’s search engine.

As your app advertising revenues and appeal grows, you can then offer your app users an upgrade or a fully functional upgrade…for a price. Again, as a frame of reference, those who are new in this field have to keep their price very low which can be as low as $0.99. If you visit the Apps Store, you will find that most of the apps (about 75%) are sold for lower than $1.99. What this means is you will need to “push” some numbers to better understand your “breakeven” point as well as what metrics you need to achieve your profit goals. Referral post:

One of the quickest and easiest ways to get a sense of whether or not your app will have market appeal to spend some quality time at Apple’s app store and carefully examine apps that are “successful” as well as looking at apps that are similar to yours and could be classified as potential competitors.

What are the features and benefits of those apps? How are they presented in a marketing sense?

How can you incorporate those observations into your marketing strategy?

If you study the app store closely, you will find that the most “successful” apps tend to be the top 20  sellers within its category. Simply put, this should be your marketing goal. Once there, however, remember to think regarding what you will need to do next to maintain that ranking.

Avoid following the footsteps of app developers who only believe in a “big win” strategy. Most of these type of developers eventually opt out because of their dissatisfaction with their expectations in that their wins happen to be much smaller and take longer than what they originally expected. To attract mobile users to your app, it is much better to attack the market via a steady grow strategy for your apps. The key for iPhone and android apps is similar to any success on generating revenue via the Internet…Please remember…Current and quality content on the Internet rules and eventually delivering a quality content app will lead people to you over time.

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