Portable Staging

Portable Staging For Schools

NexGen’s new stage is now making your school or classroom more visually appealing and inviting with portable staging. Portable stages are best known for their:

  • Affordable stage system
  • Easy installation
  • Quick assemble

Many of us had used and seen such stage platforms at celebrations, concerts, and theater, but it’s not just for the performing arts!


With new technology, you can now even find a new stage with great value and shape. NexGen presents possible staging solutions regarding different heights that most schools or students might need.

NexGen provides stationary stage systems, seated risers, choral risers for small spaces or huge areas. There are options available for every budget!

Primary Schools

Stage Systems has a range of products to fulfill special educational needs from primary schools, such as:

  • Indoor tiered seating or for professional meetings of staff members.
  • Modular and portable stages for daily assemblies and yearly plays and performances.

NexGen Staging is available in many shapes and sizes. They are lightweight and easy to build and transport. NexGen portable staging offers a choice of finish on the decks alongside a selection of its components and accessories for the stage comprising:

  • Ramp,
  • Steps,
  • Railings,
  • Fences,
  • Slats
  • Drapes.

Everything You Need To Know Before Buying A Portable Stage For Your School:

Portable stages can be a great addition to your event, and we know that you want to make the best decision possible when buying one. So we’ve compiled this handy list of considerations so you can find the perfect stage for your school.

How Large Is Your Venue?

Some venues, such as classrooms or school halls, may not accommodate a larger stage, but NexGen Portable Staging offers portable staging riser legs from 200mm to 1000mm in just £110.48 to £133.80.

What Will You Use The Stage For?

If you’re going for a presentation and speech competition, you don’t have to worry since the NexGen Deck with NexGen Riser can easily manage weights of up to 2 tons. It is high enough and wide enough to accommodate all users. You can easily display tables, panels, chairs, and much more on it.

Encourage Creativity:

Get creative with our stages as they provide outstanding flexibility and allow teachers to use almost any space for different functions without using tools. Our equipment allows the rapid conversion of a multipurpose facility such as a dining hall into a theatre or a school assembly room for almost any form of informal gathering. With almost infinite layouts, it can create inspiring spaces for an entire range of environments_ indoors and outdoors _ and have unlimited performance capability. Naturally, all of our staging products are of high quality with weather-proof and water-resistant properties, manufactured in the UK, and exceedingly built to withstand decades of use and tear with active youngsters.



  • Riser overall weight (2 kg) and deck weight (8 kg)
  • Zero Locks
  • An adjustable 5 mm riser to a variety of heights
  • Aluminum telescopic system
  • As a standard feature, hardened plastic safety node blocks are installed.
  • Compact storage

Nexgen Portable Staging Deck Platforms.

The Deck platform is made of an anodized aluminum frame that is both lightweight and sturdy. The Traditional Folding Deck by NexGen comprises: a plywood core bonded to carpet or hexagon-grained veneer on the bottom half for sturdiness. The weight of a single knee brace is about 8 kg. The weight of the tough hex is 10 kg.

Modular Staging For Schools:

NexGen Stage closely supports the needs of the school and education sectors. The platform features an easily removable leg that means that the deck can be stacked flat if not needed. The deck’s aluminum frame is flexible to allow even large platform operations. 

Another advantage of readily removable legs is their ease of adjustment for different heights. It allows a variety of settings during deployment. In other words, it lets the stage risers at schools maximize the potential of their use in your environment. A 2 x 1 m deck stage weighing only 32 kg is a comfortable lift for two adults.

How To Order?

You can select any of the following specifications and buy them online, and we will deliver them to you.

  • 8 of Deck Platforms (1x1m) for Staging (Grey Carpet)
  • 1 of (3m) Adjustable Drape Kit & Backdrop
  • 8 of Staging Riser Leg (400mm High)
  • 2 of (1m x520mm) Staging Riser Legs (200mm high) – Step Legs
  • 2 of (1m x 520mm) Staging Deck Platform (Grey Carpet) – Step
  • 1 of Utility Kit – (important parts to connect items)
  • 1 of Storage Trolley
  • 8 of (1m) Fascia Boards at 425mm deep – (covers three sides of the 4x2m)
  • 4 of (1m) Handrails


The prices shown here are for delivery anywhere within the UK mainland. Free delivery is available. Outside this zone, NexGen will incur an extra vehicle charge for portable staging deliveries. The prices invoiced will be ones that are currently charged by the seller at the date of dispatch.

In the unlikely event of an error in the pricing of our catalog, the correct price will be stated on our purchase confirmation, which will be enforceable for the duration of the contract. The price includes VAT at the applicable rates unless otherwise indicated. Non-returnable packaging is used throughout.

Delivery Point

NexGen will deliver all goods to the inside dept. Or front-of-house on the ground floor and off-loading facilities must be provided by the client under usual shipping procedures.

If more transfer or installation is required, particularly for big and heavy objects, this must be stated at the time of order, and NexGen will charge an extra fee. We do our best to match cars with suitable lifting mechanisms; however, customers must specify any special delivery requirements at the time of purchase.


We provide a one-year warranty and a five-year service life expectancy warranty. With this quality of materials, NexGen also gives the option:

  • To repair, 
  • Replace (in case of discretion)
  • Refund the price  

It is meant for parts that have been agreed to as defective and returned within a year.

Your Right To Return:

We only accept back items unused and in their original packaging. The right of return does not apply to items that have been particularly produced and are not available in typical selling ranges (e.g., quantity discounts).

Customers who return items might be charged a 25% restocking fee if they did so because of TDL Portable Stage’s mistake. It is for goods purchased by mistake or ones that the client does not require after ordering.

We can assist with the return shipment for a fee, but the buyer is responsible for ensuring that goods are returned to us in Sheffield until we declare receipt. We will restock and issue a credit of 75% of the invoiced value once we have received and examined the returned items. We will send a substitute goods order and invoice for the balance, including the shipping costs and the 25% restocking fee.

Get In Touch:

Some venues need a unique portable stage, and we are here to help find you the ideal fit. Let us know whether your problem has been solved by a good customer service team here in the UK.


If you need more information about sales support for your school or event,click on the link<<< and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.