School Portable Staging Hire London UK

The NexGen Portable staging decks, well-liked among high educational institutions, community halls, and several venues which require a podium only for minimal, intermittent work, can be a great fit for any venue requiring a stage that may resist normal but light use. Without any component weighing above seven Kg, it’s easy-to handle, carry, store and reassembly are a snap. It also works well being a permanent or semi-permanent fixture.

Stages For Heavy Duty Use

We’ve two main products for events needing heavy duty, robust staging both for indoor and open air that are Premier and Steel-deck. What qualities both of these products have out from our others is that they’re long-lasting and sturdy (which can be said of everything we provide) but they can bear great weight at any specified time. The Premier is actually a better suited to theatrical performances, and Steel deck is in demand by film companies. Both are adaptable, if you aren’t confident, why not get in contact with us and we’ll be pleased to propose you advice suited to your particular situation. Visit here to read more small stage hire

Flexible, Practical Stages For Almost Any Occasion offers the Cameo and its heavier duty cousin, the Performs. This stage type is used for general purpose are well liked for numerous types events.

Easy, lightweight, adaptable

It’s easy-to assemble, lightweight, simple to use and could set up single or multi level temporary staging to suit many different performances. In addition, the staging can be carpeted for adaptability, and the decks can be reversed to give an alternative ending.

Portable Staging UK: Stage accessories have been put together utilizing our experience as a easy starting place purchase which is often included with time. We could also advise on and offer a large range of components including ramps, handrails, curtains and skirting.

When the function or performance is finished, Portable staging decks may be easily dismantled and store away correctly and compactly in no time.

Portable Staging Philosophy

Nexgen Portable staging is the advanced and market-leading portable staging system. The convenience, toughness and mobility make Nexgen excellent within an array of environments and well liked. The NexGen staging system is actually a tried and tested which offers a broad range of adaptable layouts which may be swiftly created from the same frames and decks. More about portable stage for hire, check this link.

We build our stages and their components in response to questions our customers have and problems they encounter. Everything we make is extremely customized, from the selection of shades, finishes and many other features. Find more details in google doc:

So many styles in the same equipment

NexGen Portable stages can create a small or large, single or multi-level stage to provide a variety of performances including assemblies, plays, melody recitals, shows, musicals, speeches, catwalk show, amateur song and dance, concerts and events.

Its flexibility implies that it could be used for an extensive array of uses ranging from traditional staging to modern working equally well as being a handy display platform. It also works efficiently when used  as a desk area at school/community functions.

Other things you will want from the Portable stage, let’s know and we’ll provide you with an honest review.


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