Three Gout Remedies That Are Cost-Free!

Are you looking for Gout remedies ? You might be surprised to know that the natural gout treatment options are much better compared to certain medications. Why? Well for one, it is much cheaper if you factor in the costs of the medication. And even if you do want to continue your medication, you can just couple the natural gout remedies along with the usual treatment as well. In this case though, there can be some complications with this disease that cannot be solved by more natural treatments. It might be better that you first consult the doctor if such will have any impact on the treatment of the

Low-purine Diet is the Key

The real reason why you have gout in the first place is because of what you eat. In the past, you may have found yourself eating way too many foods that are rich in purine. This is a substance that will only cause you much despair when it comes to the gout problems that it brings. So other than avoiding those kinds of foods, you need to also add to your diet foods that have little or no purine content. Dairy products and vegetables that are rich in healthy protein can give you the right amount of purine without having to exceed the usual amount that can cause gout.

Water is the Best Gout Treatment

Its pure common sense. The best way to get rid of excess uric acid deposits in the body is to have your daily intake of liquids. Even if it pains you to do so, you need to drink eight to ten glasses of water a day. This will help you drain away all the bad deposits in the body that can cause gout.

In case you do not feel as though water is the best gout treatment, fruit juices can also work well here. Cherry juice is an option, as well as cranberry juice. When buying, make sure that they are 100% pure. But just to make a better batch for you to drink, make the juice yourself.

Rest is also a Good Gout Treatment

Any kind of inflammation must be rested in order for it to heal. Therefore, resting properly is a good gout treatment. You just have to make sure that you do not do anything strenuous with the affected region. In this case, put it in an elevated position when you sleep.